Welcome to our dedicated resources page. Here you will find some useful videos and other links which will furnish you with some up to date material ready for your forth coming first aid course.

If you feel we could add some more aspects please let us know.

Why we need to know.

A fantastic short clip from the British Heart Foundation.


Why we need to know.

Choking and how to deal with it.

Why we need to know.

Recovery Position.

Why we need to know.

First Aid kit items recommended.

Why we need to know.

Resusitation Council ‘USE OF AN AED’


Fisrt Aid at Work Book. A great resouce for all your first aid needs. N.B. Comes free when booking a course with us!



One of our Trainers, Alun Hughes, has designed this simple emergency crib card. It is perfect for keeping in your first aid kit when out and about.

By printing it on waterproof paper it stays readable and very durable in bad weather. Ideal for keeping a record of an emergency and to pass on vital information to Emergency Services upon arrival at the scene.

Simply download or copy the image and save to your computer.

Thank you Alun for the production of this handy card.

A Great book!

Click on the link below for a superb resource. It’s free and has some very useful information within.
You can download it from here and print out if you wish.