WCT Trainer Conference 2017


What an amazing few days we had in Brixham. The inargural WCT Trainers conference was held at our HQ and the surrounding area for some extra training activities… read on.

Thanks to all the team who made the 3 days a great success. We now have a solid training team around us from which we can draw lots of training ideas and the conference enabled us to look at ways in which we can deliver even better first aid courses.

Our opening delivery was from John Ashford, Antarctic Survey Paramedic, with some great advice on catastrophic bleeding situations and how to deal with them. He also presented a short talk on his next expedition to Bird Island in the south Atlantic ocean. So remote that it takes at least 2 weeks for any rescue group to reach you. He will have quite a responsibility. 28 people and an Island of wildlife for 6 months! That’s almost as remote as travelling to Mars!  Thanks John.

Day two and we were straight into how we can create some engaging activities for teaching first aid. All individual presentations on methods to ensure we are the best we can be.

After coffee David from Cardiac Science presented the G5 AED device. How we can use it, it’s specification and whats involved in cardiac arrest. Thank you David.

During the afternoon we had a very informative session from Michelle Roberts on how best to use social media and especially FACEBOOK! Michelle runs a very successful business,  ‘The Creative Marketing Agency’ Thank you Michelle for helping us ensure we use social media responsibly.

Following Michelle’s session we continued our discussion and ideas on presentation improvements. This eventually finished at 4.30, from this point it all became rather exciting.

world class training beach rescue 3

Unbeknown to most of the team, we had to be split into two separate teams to be located at two separate beaches where there would be a few accidents to deal with!  Of course we needed some help. The first incident was Keith suffering from a head and spinal injury after a fall from some rocks. The Fishcombe beach team, Sue/Penny and Alun. All dealt with the casualty/Keith, with real professionalism. Emergency services were called at the Torbay Lifeboat and ILB arrived in realistic timing to rescue the casualty. Meanwhile on the opposite beach, Laura was suffering from a fractured pelvis and to add to the drama an anaphylactic episode thrown in to the drama! Les, Pip and Si dealt with Laura and used all the training we practice in a superb manner. By now the life boat needed to ‘TRIAGE’ the scene and determine which of the casualties was in need of assistance first. Once the rescue was underway the transfer to the lifeboat was carried out. (No live transfers are allowed so a dummy took the place for the short trip) Then much to the surprise of the WCT crew, they also joined the guys on the life boat for a quick speedy trip around the bay and back to the boat house for a debrief!

It was a resounding success. The crew of the boat used it as a training exercise and as such we both felt that the emergency first aid carried out was perfect for the crew to take over the rest of the rescue mission.

This was our highlight of the 3 days and ensured we had lots to talk about once we got to have our evening meal at 8.30 pm that night…fish and chips!!

Friday consisted of how we can improve on our training and a debrief on the previous evenings session went…it certainly went amazingly well we all agreed.

So to sum it up, 3 days of CPD involving, major blood loss, Use of an AED and Cardiac Arrest, Social Media and how we can best use it, Individual sessions on a range of first aid scenarios, Safeguarding and online courses  and then how we can best put all our knowledge into practice.

A special thanks to Mark Noble and Belinda Elms who sadly could not be with us, however, they donated some items and ideas on how we can improve even more. Also Emma, Alex and Mike, see you next year!

The Training makes the difference…..!



  1. Sue Dermody  September 26, 2017

    As a team member I can only reiterate how valuable these sessions are. I have already used the material in my session 2 days later. …Thank you Alex & Laura you sure did it ….In style !!


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