Snowsports Safeguarding Online Course and a cup of coffee.


BASI and IASI Accepted..


Learning at home with the coffee on the go must be one of the best ways of learning and becoming qualified with no distractions! …apart from the coffee.

Here at WCT we have been very  busy creating a bespoke Safeguarding module for Snowsports Teachers.

As the snowsports environment is very specific and has many aspects to the type of teaching/coaching we do, we felt that there was a need to highlight this part of the industry.

The course takes approximately 45 – 60 mins to complete and has many relevant topics for our industry. Written by Becky Grimwood, Specialist Occupational Therapist Safeguarding and specialist advisor in Care Quality Commission and Child care services. Her qualifications and role have ensured we have produced a through course which highlights situations and how to deal with them. Thank you Becky. Created and developed by John Curran, Designed For Learning professional. His background is in developing state of the art learning content for companies such as John Lewis partnership, NHS, Dell,  and other mainstream corporations and organisations. His skilled approach and focus on detail have made the module far more engaging than the mainstream. The integration and technical considerations have been dealt with by Black Snow Web design. Chris Mortimer. The integration has proven a challenge so thanks Chris!. Thank you to all three of you who have joined together to produce this ‘first time’ Safeguarding for Snowports professionals.

The course takes you through a series of questions and monitors your progress along the way and the final exam is constructed in such a way that providing you have read through the entire course, the answers are there somewhere. It is not just a ‘tick box exercise, it is a learning module.

This is the first of many we will be producing over the next 12 months that will encompass aspects such as CPR, Safeguarding refreshers, Safeguarding for vulnerable Adults and also a series of customer care modules for specific sports.

So take a look at the sample slides here, or even better go book the entire course, its only £25!

Entry page.

Interim assessments.

Various sections.

Here is a short video demo on what to expect…

Simple to use format

Easy learning modules to engage the learner.

So, for a refresher or if you need it for your BASI or IASI qualifications then try our new course, we are sure you will find it far more engaging than a generic, broad spectrum module.

If not listed here, before you book – please check your organisation will accept this course.

Make a coffee, sit down and log on!

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Good luck!


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