NEWS 16 hour Blended learning outdoor first aid course!

Our Blended Learning 16 hour outdoor first aid course is now LIVE!!

We have been working away here at WCT HQ to produce the 16 hour blended learning course for you. It fulfils the requirement from HSE to cover the content whilst also ensuring you attend a practical day to include scenarios and assessment.

It comes in two units.


This is the online content which you will be learning from the comfort of your own home. It covers all the basics of first aid for medical emergencies and also trauma cases. From this you will be furnished with the understanding of various conditions from which you can apply them to a casualty in the outdoor environment when you attend the practical day. This is split into 3 sections and each section has separate modules relating to different situations and conditions you may encounter as a first aider. On completion of all the sections and modules you will have a short 20 question assessment and then download your ‘attendance’ certificate.

We will arrange several online meetings for each cohort of students to ensure the new material has been embedded and that each student is happy to go forwards.


This is your practical 1.5 day course. It will start with a quick recap on your understanding of the modules from UNIT ONE. From here we will work through the practical elements of first aid, i.e. Recovery position, CPR, Use of an AED and other issues which will require assessment. Then we will be taking these skills and working around various scenarios during the day so you can use your knowledge to deal with the situation in hand.

To see more information and view how you can book, take a look here;

online learning

Or check the short introduction video out.

The short introduction video on the learning platform!

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Our first practical day and assessment is scheduled for 23/24th July at our HQ in Brixham, Devon!