UAV first aid

New Online UAV FIRST AID courses!

UAV first aid

Being in lockdown has its benefits. We have been busy creating online CPD modules.

Our latest creation is a ‘bespoke’ Drone Operators first aid course. Verifiable CPD

To operate commercially with your drone (UAV) requires holding certain permissions from the CAA. Along with these permissions operators are required to have with them whilst operating is a first aid kit amongst other things. Yet, there is no requirement to be a first aider! This seems rather odd, as operating a drone in the outdoors obviously has inerrant dangers. As accidents can happen, being prepared for this should be top priority for all drone operators. For the pilot/operator or bystanders, having emergency care as quickly as possible can make all the difference at the scene of an accident.

Therefore, we have created a first aid course which covers the basics of first aid. It has an understanding of roles of a first aider and how to record a first aid incident. Because the content is relevant to a UAV operator it makes the modules more engaging than a broader first aid course.

The online course is verifiable as you can download your CPD certificate. This is awarded after all the modules have been completed.

Learn from home, in comfort and learn at your own pace. This 2 – 3hours course has all the fundamentals.

So, weather you are a recreational drone flyer or indeed a commercial operator, it would be wise to have some sort of first aid knowledge ready for that incident you just did not see coming!

To book easily and start now, follow this link and for just £35 you can access all the UAV first aid modules.

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