Basic Life Support and Management of Anaphylaxis

Course title:

QNUK Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Management of Anaphylaxis (QCF)

This is a qualification that indicates an individual can undertake a specific role in the workplace and that may be relied upon by employers. 2.2 The QNUK Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Management of Anaphylaxis (QCF) qualification is ideal for anyone with the potential responsibility to administer adrenaline during an anaphylactic reaction

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Qualification Title:
QNUK Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Management of Anaphylaxis (QCF)

Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN):


Credit Value

5 Hours

16 or over

Valid for;
3 years

Pre Requisties
It is recommended that learners have a minimum of Level 1 literacy or equivalent. This qualification is for those over 16 years of age. All learners must be able to perform practical elements such as CPR on the ground.  There are no other pre-requisites for this qualification.

Course Content Summary
  • Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally
  • Assess the scene for danger
  • Assess a casualty’s level of consciousness
  • Demonstrate how to open a casualty’s airway and check for breathing
  • Demonstrate how to place an unresponsive casualty in the recovery position
  • Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
  • Recognise the need to commence Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation on a manikin
  • Know how to recognise a casualty with anaphylaxis
  • Identify the common triggers for anaphylaxis
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • Identify the possible life-threatening features of an anaphylactic reaction
  • Be able to manage a casualty with anaphylaxis
  • Administer treatment to a casualty suffering from anaphylaxis; including: • Summoning appropriate emergency assistance • Casualty positioning
  • Prepare appropriate medication for administration during anaphylaxis treatment
  • Identify key features of various adrenaline auto-injectors
  • Demonstrate the safe use of an adrenaline auto-injector using training device
  • State how to safely dispose of sharps

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